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If you're thinking about singing lessons in Harrogate, Wetherby or Leeds, these frequently asked questions should help you. 

What age can my child start singing lessons?

Opinions vary between teachers regarding when is a suitable time to start singing lessons. One view is that you should wait until the child’s voice has developed and to avoid damage from being over-worked or incorrectly used. Often teachers will take on younger students (even as young as 4) but will teach them songs which are gentle and fun, some music theory and some early sight singing skills, but will save technical work until they are older. If your child is displaying a great interest in singing at an early age there are alternatives to formal singing lessons, such as children’s choirs and community music groups. As part of a choir they will be learning harmony, counting, staying in tune as well as general musicianship.

What is the difference between a singing teacher, a voice teacher and a vocal coach?

Singing teachers often call themselves voice teachers because they teach you to master the use of your instrument – your voice. Vocal coaches are slightly different and they concentrate more on improving song performance techniques or focus on speech and drama.

Can anyone learn to sing or do you have to have natural talent?

Good singing is more than a great sounding voice. Anybody who can speak can learn techniques to improve the singing voice. A good teacher can help you explore your voice and its capabilities, you just need to practise and be patient! Even people who believe themselves to be ‘tone deaf’ can usually learn how to hear and control pitch.